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Greetings, Crafters.

I hate to make it seem like I’m a security risk, however, I feel I must inform the Server of the following. The owner of the Minecart Rapid Transit server has been engaging other servers, most notably Wolfhaven, in “Joint Security Agreements.” Essentially, players warned/banned on one server to receive equal punishment on the other. I have heard that the bastard has been removing my assets from my previous server and been asking where I went to. Whilst I understand the server has better things to do than deal with my banishment from other servers, I feel it is my utmost duty to inform the server of any communication or issues that may arise. I apologize for any disturbance and fully understand if I must be banished from this server as well, to prevent conflicts within the Minecraft Community.

Many thanks,


PCB does not participate in global bans, we maintain our own database of banned players for infractions using our services. You’ll be ok so long as you continue to abide by the rules.


Alright, thank you sir. It simply was a fear of mine that I’d never be able to join another server because I called the server owner a fucking dumbass for allowing a media and entertainment company on the server to basically run their own private country.

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