Unwanted PVP - _CancerChild_



Ok so,

CancerChild was committing unwanted PVP multiple times. He killed @HackedYou, @JGamez and other people. I was flying around in creative and looking in the chat the messages about Cancer killing the players. Here are some images:


EDIT: Cancer was trying to protect FireWaater’s base by killing people.


looking into it.

edit: this whole situation is confusing and complicated. What happened was the whole server was joking around, usual things going on, but @FireWaater was giving @SuhDude977 a tour of his base (in survival) when other players ( @JGamez and @HackedYou ) tped in. Fire ‘trapped’ JGamez, HackedYou and SuhDude977 in the base as a joke, and meant to let them out. JGamez and HackedYou began punching Fire (SuhDude joined in later on after being hit himself, but stayed out for the most part [as far as I know]). Fire attacked them back (defending his base) and the four pvped for a bit. JGamez and HackedYou died, and continued to tp back into the base and Fire continued to defend his base. @whbilbo jailed Fire and later unjailed him. Fire flew away, as his armor was deteriorating, and then @CancerChild helped him to defend the base. (Cancer has about 11 minutes worth of footage of the PvP) Both groups did not want to kill eachother, but they continued pvping. JGamez and HackedYou instigated the fight, however Fire trapped them in the first place. Cancer helped Fire to defend his base, and both sides couldve done things a lot better. I see both parties as “guilty”. Fire and Cancer should not have killed them, and JGamez and HackedYou should not have attacked in the first place and tped back, making the fight continue instead of ending. Everyone involved is on thin ice, and if you guys kill or pvp someone (without consent) any time soon expect a ban. This whole situation should NOT have happened and I do NOT want to catch anyone doing this again. I’ll edit this if I learn anything else happened.

I’ll be locking this now.

TDLR; Both parties are guilty, and because of that everyone involved is on thin ice. Due to the sheer amount of people involved (pretty much the whole server at the time) nobody will be directly punished (for now). I’m very dissapointed in everyone, and everyone involved will be on thin ice.

Thank you for reading,

Sincerely, a very pissed off jm.

Edit: (this is from Cancer, I locked the post but he made another with this. ill drop what he said in here and delete his post to reduce forum clutter)

Heres my chatlogs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1va9PmOj_dM48nKKCR-D-jaCZ9BmXAC-f43Oo-KwBw4o/edit?usp=sharing

And when my video is done uploading it will be here:

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