Train Track Report


Hello there is currently a whole train track being made and I find it is taking space up from the server making building less and less found. This should stop by having the people build down at bedrock level where no 1 complains.Find the proof here.


@UpbeatFoxy_Boy The image you link to does not appear to be what was intended. You may want to fix that.


I’m no staff, but I am involved. I am helping to build this rail and it isn’t going across the map at all. It’s just a small amount of space that is in between Camarion and bread’s city. Keep in mind also that no one had built on that land, and it was tall mountains that were not claimed in anyway and were far from other cities. There are also no PCB rules being broken here, it’s not griefing at all. Also I don’t know if this is a joke post or not because your link is just some weird music thing. If it is, that isn’t acceptable in the reports page.

Trust3d ever since PCB Bridge broke,



There’s still people that might join wanting to start a city. But have none due to this rail system.


Just build a crossing and build along the rail road, they wont mind.


This report is not making a claim against any PCB rules.

The railway in question is not violating any rule and players are free to build as they wish across the map, provided it doesn’t violate and existing rule such as the build distance rule.

Locking this.

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