Survival base grief

I have two major survival builds, and both have been griefed by RJNJ. He has placed locked chests all over my main resource base, located X: 2111 Y:72 Z:-2460, as well as taking some tools i had up for decoration, blocking my mineshaft, and setting fires.

At a smaller build Located X:1578 Y:74 Z:-2386 i later found to be griefed in a similar manner. he seems to have gotten in via the nether portals. I have reported the resource base grief, but i didn’t find out about the other build until later.

I’m unsure if he thought that this was okay or if he was being malicious. I have mailed him a note explaining that he needs to undo what he did, but given he got two of my builds, I figured i should put this up anyway.

Hey! Thanks for reporting this… I’ll check it out now!

Alright, all resolved, I’ve cleaned up the grief, minus the tools because I don’t know where those were, but I’ll be sure to give you them back, and I’ve banned RJ. If I’ve missed anything, please be sure to let me know!

Thanks. I’m not worried about the tools, they were cheap, and i can replace them, i just wanted to clear out the chests.