Due to the lag and crashes of the server right now, the ruins of its once beautiful chat have been overthrown by a semi-Armageddon. Ranks are disappearing, spam protection is crying in a corner begging for it to stop, and staff has, well, a much, much bigger issue on its hands.
So here I am, protector of chat in the hardest of times, to report 2 players.
(The fact that they may or may not have dared me to do this is irrelevant lol)
Lets get formal now, I assume you’re all very busy with the death and destruction that was our server, so just mute or temp ban these peeps k thx.
@jmvvana the honour is to you Joe


They’ve been banned.

Could someone lock this up?


Already dealt with, both area banned. Thanks for reporting.


I just realised this was in the wrong forum, imma move dis if i can
[EDIT: nvm lol]

Solved, Locked.


Rugbug was banned! The other I think is outlaw…

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