Prymont damage



I would assume it was entirely by accident, but for some reason, it would appear that Claudia has destroyed everything that can be destroyed by water on y levels 65 - 69 in areas of my city

Examples of this can be seen by

  • the complete lack of tall grass outside my town hall, (6054, 68, -5196)
  • missing redstone under stadium (5931, 69, -5104)
  • vines cut off at the top under outside of town hall ( 6051, 63, -5194)
  • disused rails cut off (6155 68 -5216) (you can see that the rails are only missing on those y values).


This may also have been caused by the blocks that the vines etc were on being removed by logblock or worldedit, as undoing worldedit or a rollback only replaces the blocks which were actually removed.


I believed I fixed everything. Sorry for that.

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