Player Report

So theres a person on the server named Lazerbone (they joined at about 11:25pm PST and has a PCB account here)

They used the “n-word” as a “joke” saying “I hate n#s”. I called his out for it and he called me a “stupid n#” and saying that it was a joke. If they’d read the rules then they know not to use racial slurs in jokes like that as it may come off as extremely offensive to some and cause discomfort and anger.

If anyone wants evidence then just ask me over Discord (i dont have the pics on my laptop but i have them on my phone)

They were also copy-pasting lyrics of what sounds like a song but idk if thats agaisnt rules (it might be spamming idk)

lol they probably gonna see this and call me “snowflake” or something like that

Send me the pictures on discord @Totqlity

Thanks for the report, the player has been dealt with accordingly