Player Report: HiPixels.



Hello and welcome to the much anticipated player report of the one and only Donator, nation leader, and asshat extroirdinaire, Hipixels [PLEASE CLAP]!

Please note: this report is not about me. This report is about the player specified. This report was not made in emotional or moral distress, it is based solely on information and will not target anything but the conduct of the players reported and nothing more.

Lets begin!

Hipixels has violated the following rules on the Survival server:

1: Griefing

[ul][li]Any other act performed with the intention of causing grief or distress to another user. (Threatening grief, killing Player owned Mobs, and building, breaking, and entering inside other player property.)[/li][/ul]
2: Do not harass other players.(insulting players based on nationality, extortion of funds)
3: Keep it PG-13 within reason.


2: Build towns a reasonable distance from eachother.
A reasonable distance is generally out of sight from oneanother at a sixteen chunk render distance. Exeptions may be made where two towns have started this distance apart and grown towards eachother. (Nuxrav claiming land maliciously in other players property)

If I have the power, I’d like to say that because this is not a ban appeal, I invite the trothes of people who encouraged me to make this report to throw thier two cents in on the topic.

I dont have any screenshots, but I have an hour long video of certain rules being violated:

This was qll written on mobile so I apologize for any formatting errors.

Edit: Player also committed multiple inciting acts of PVP.

This player has a serious case of Donatoritus and a superiority complex generated by his ownership of Nuxrav.


I have beared witness to these acts. He also insulted John (Cabal) and I the other night very rudely. He implied that he was going to ‘‘take my house and stuff’’ when he said ‘‘oooh, look a home, I want it’’. Overall HiPixels has not been a pleasant experience for this server.


I would like to start off by saying I have witnessed a lot of the drama with HiPixels, and I have also reviewed a good portion of the video that Jack has linked. First off I have seen HiPixels initiate PvP at least half a dozen times, for unseen reasons, and I have also witnessed HiPixels, be very insulting to players, not just Jack, but to a few others. On the topic of “griefing” the city that Jack is talking about was built next to Erxkx, and Giants662’s house, which was built a few days before HiPixels city, they have gotten into many disagreements over this, and it usually turns into an argument. Altogether I believe that HiPixels has started a lot of the arguments, and name calling, I’m not saying Jack is innocent, but I do believe HiPixels is the instigator, in most of the situations.


i would also like to add on this by agreeing to what SCP has stated. hipixels has engaged unwanted pvp against him multiple times and has been rude and aggressive towards many of us the minute something doesnt go his way in his town. he has lashed out on us for simply trying to incorporate armor stands into his skeleton farms and when he didnt want it there, rather than him telling us and taking it out calmly, he proceeded to aggressively lash out by going as far as making fun of the countries we come from. while i admit to feeding the fire (not the best choice on my part) but when we try to make amends he continues to lash out. like ryan said, im not saying SCP is innocent but it doesnt mean hipixels isnt either.


I am seconding on RJ stating that Hipixels has not made this an enjoyable experience for us.
[size=8pt]First off, I was previously Erxkx but have now changed to scoobert420

[size=9pt]Over arguing over the land that Giants662 and I owned for quite awhile now (we started building there June 28th I believe), Hipixels had made it quite difficult to make an agreement for the land division. It was understandable that he didn’t know our base was underground and had spread out that far, but even after explaining that to him, he seemingly couldn’t grasp the fact that he couldn’t build anymore closer our way and began to argue over it. Giants662 and I wanted to expand on that base and make that our permanent residence, but after seeing how hard it was to work with Hipixels, we made the final decision to build a new house somewhere else. For what could have been an easy fix sorting our a land agreement ( I would say that would take 5mins or so) and staying neighbors , Hipixels made it challenging and we didn’t sort out a land agreement till a couple days later and after the fact that we stated we were moving. We’re honestly not that mad about it, but it was really inconvenient. I am not gonna lie though, I may have made fun of him a couple times (not my best[size=8pt] but not gonna lie pt.2, its kinda funny to make fun of little kids who get heated over minecraft), but I have also witnessed him use some strong words towards people (then again I honestly don’t remember who it was used towards and don’t have proof, I’m just hoping yall believe me on this). But overall, he has not been fun to work with, he is extremely bossy and just generally annoying. I have not had a good experience with him and I would rather not have other people have to experience what I and the other people who have tasted the wrath of his mighty 11 y/o actions have gone through.


I’ve just finished the video. Here’s my take on what I saw.

The issue in the video all seems to start from the armour stands and it did appear that Hipixel’s originally drew his bow to shoot the armour stands. All though it was ridiculous if you ask me, he didn’t do anything wrong since you told him to move them so what if he was shooting a bow at them to remove them you never did specify how he had to remove them. I can understand HiPixels losing his calm slightly as you were not listening to what he had to say and I will agree the I am your superior comment was out of line. I Would like to point out at this point how Giants seems to be making matter worse and you, SCP are the one that did most the insulting after the Hipixels superior comment. Will add unwanted TP to the list for HiPixels. OMG made an excellent point, If he can’t tell you what to do, you can’t tell him what to do either. All that demanding he move the armour stand himself. In your case HiPixels, this could have all been over if you just took the armour stands and left quietly. Am getting annoyed by the frequency you bring up the word gay and homosexual with at the end of a negative sentence not referring to this video but in general. I did look at the logs and although SCP made the space HiPixels created the redstone grinder part that SCP later removed. According to the video Hipixels did instigate Unwanted PVP which is never acceptable however, bear in mind that even I would want to punch someone in the face if I had been treated the same way HiPixel was treated. Hipixels treatment was not an excuse for his constant antagonistic behaviour towards SCP towards the end such as killing his wolves, correcting his spelling mistakes. SCP you had every opportunity to resolve this matter however you stubbornly refused and continued to insult HiPixel and I would like to point out that this community has a lot of players from non-English countries and younger players, we never insult players language skills here. " I won’t let him in, he insulted me." If we go by the same logic that you used for the PVP he was allowed to right? because you started the insulting. Hearing me say that how does it feel? Think about your logic here for a moment SCP.


Please realise: this player report has nothing to do with my actions, which have been dealt with accordingmly. I never decided to tell HiPixels what to do, inly what I wouldnt do. I didnt tell him to get rid of the armor stands, he told me to, and I tild him I wouldnt. The matter of degree of who insulted more or who said what dienst matter; what matters is it happened, even if I “insulted more”, which is a variable opinion. No matter what anyone days to you, thr proper eay to handle the situation is not violence or driving in superiority over your adversary. I repeat, I am not on trial here, I’v ebeen dealt with already.

I would not have posted this player report if it were not for a few reasons:

1: HiPixels continued to enter my private property after player moderators told him nit to.
2: He gave me an eviction notice that was not only blaming but rather unnaceptable in terms of my drparture
3: Other people encouraged me to fo ao. Can you not see the ipinions of 4 other people already, and during down time to boot?

Insulting is one thing, causing loss of xp and risk of losing items is another. Killing player owned animals, threatening to grief, and possibly most importantly ruling a nation like a tyrant with no checks or balances (ir, rapid expansion, taxation of palyers, etc) are things entirely different.

My logic is sound, and I stand by my conviction. I made errors, yea, but for the tgird time this post I have been dealt with already, this post is, as it should be, focused 100% on the player reported.

Anything further supporting instead of condemning would be well within the realm of idiocy and:or pandering to his age or donator rank because he, a player who should have equal say, would be protected from doubt simply because he is “too young to play nice” or “he paid the server 2$ for a rank so we need to support him so he comes back”

My apologies for spelling and or formatting errors, I am using mobile.


SCP, you have been banned for threatening other players severely.
This is not what the PCB community stands for, at all. If you want any chance of getting unbanned, I’d file in a damn good unban request.

Others involved in this situation will be looked over by me or someone else.


Did the moda just absolutly eat the Navy Seal copypasta? Calling this: severe threats is like saying “Allahu Akbar” is a bomb threat. I cannot believe the outcome of this situation, I’m aay to tired to speak coherently right now, I’ll make a ban appeal for my “severe threats” in the morning.

A slew of rule breaks and 4 testimonies and you decide to ban the prosecutor? How the fuck do you have a playerbase with moderation like that? I’m hysterical right now, I am not in my right mind to be talking, its 4 am and I’m clocking out. Top fucking kek.


We were well aware it was a copypasta. It might have been funny if a) you hadn’t edited to be PCB server related and mentioned staff, B) you hadn’t put this two blocks in front of another player’s house that you had just been arguing with. Insulting staff smart move. If were are going to look at it in terms of prosecuting there are times in real life when its the prosecutor who is at fault. You can’t throw a tantrum because things didn’t go you way.


Guess what, this comment reduced your chances of getting unbanned even more.
The sign you posted in that town is unacceptable, threatening to get someone’s IP banned with your “secret network of mods from PCB”. That’s just complete and utter bullshit.


You don’t get it do you?
Yes someone is acting like a dick, but if you then act the same way you’ll only make it worse.
You are Both Poking a bear that shouldn’t be poked and staff here isn’t defending anyone of you 2. They are pointing out that Both of you are behaving stupidly and aggressively.

Your style in which you posted the first post in this topic is already in a very offensive way. If you want to address people on how they behave make sure You sound at least decent enough to not be the same.


I memtioned absolutley no staff in particular. With obvious rulebreaking, 4 trstimonies, there should be tangible consequences for this kind of behavior. I HAVE BEEN BANNED ALREADY FOR THIS. I dont need to br banned twice for the same exact rvent. Not the same action, but the same exact event. Im not throwing a tantrum because things dont go my way, I’m throwing a tantrum at your absolute refuaal to look at the problem at hand and focus on me the entire fucking time like a punching bag. IT DOESNT MATTER IF I AM AT FAULT, he still fucked up! He still did things wrong! And you guys are absolutely ignoring it. I’m starting to think maybe you need all the donator money you can get to pay the server bills so you’re desperatley looking for an excuse jot to do anything to this kid.

The sign was in good taste. I referenced no mods inpatticular, all I did was change the nouns. Which, by the way, is a lot less threatening than daying I am going to kill someone, ehich is what the original says. I made it PCB related to full the edge.

Please for gods sake take a look at yourself. I am just a fucking kid playing a block game. You cant get your knickers in a twist for a meme sign and ignore countless violations to written PCB ryles with miltiple testimonies. Its just incomprehensible. This is my last straw with this server, I try so hard to put up with this and every time I am let down.

You know ehat happened the last time I had a feud like this with a player? THAT was MattDB, the Trusted player eho uses XRay hacks. Its the canary in the coal mine people! If I have to take a ban for you to realise what youre doing is 10,000% illogical I’ll do so.

Its been good filks. See you in the other side. This site sapped the will to keep living right out of me and it makes me want to wnd it all tight now.


I’m just going to lock this thread now.
It doesn’t benefit you if you keep going like this. The other people will be dealt with accordingly at a later date. The fact that you post a sign like that, is unacceptable. I don’t care if you didnt mention any staff, and I don’t give a fuck that it was just a “meme sign”.
Staff will still be able to respond so you’ll hear from us.


The sign you made was made the day of your unban so this is a separate event that you are being banned for so don’t start with that Bullshit, we gave you a chance then you came back on the same day of your unban and continued your nonsense. That’s a slap to our faces when we trusted you enough to unban you. I was the one who unbanned you, seeing logs I feel like I fucked up for unbanning you even if I was just letting you back on after your temp ban. We are looking into things regarding what occurred between you all so don’t get all pissy with us, you were just the first person to receive punishment for this nonsense.

The sign wasn’t in good taste the moment you thought that it would be a good idea to post it right in front of HiPixels house. We thought it was over but no you decided to continue that fucking ridiculous petty argument that you had already received a temp ban for.

Yes You are just a kid playing a block game so why are you literally jumping up and down screaming for the punishment of another player when you all just insulted a younger player. Who’s next huh? Anyone who is younger then you who doesn’t agree with you. If you are older act more mature and be the better man.

On top of that, since we are talking about your insults am I unintelligent about the world because I don’t know the atomic symbol for tungsten or how to right a check.


You saw fit to report HiPixels for a miscarriage of justice, providing what you might call video evidence, fair enough, even though the video evidence you supplied painted you and other members as the bullies in these scenario, not hipixels. Granted he did 1 count of un-consented pvp, and killed your dogs, but the sheer amount of hostility and bullying from you seems to explain to me just how frustrated he must have been. Your supposed evidence presented if anything, makes me empathise with whom you were accusing.

The thing is, your particular dynamic with HiPixels is exactly WHY our focus should be on both of you, if we focus entirely on your side of the story we get a completely skewed view of your situation (and even then, the raw video you supplied didn’t help)

“I am just a fucking kid playing a block game”. You can be a fucking kid playing a block game, but we have the SIMPLEST rules that you need to follow in addition to this, and you obviously couldn’t. You were consistently a rude, un-empathetic person, you were aggressive to others, and you simply couldn’t show the smallest bit of restraint, for example, you showed me the copypasta on a doc prior to the ban, and I said “Don’t get yourself banned” implying that your copypasta has the capacity to break our rules, and then you decide to Grief in addition to directing insults at Hipixels by making the gigantic sign in his town. You also made a Redstone Loop noise maker, a rule break in itself, but you also made it to annoy Hipixels, further reinforcing my belief that you are a toxic player. Regardless of the implications of what Hipixels has done, you sewed the seeds for your own ruin.

I can’t tell if you’re serious? Take an self-analysis and a little retrospective… because at this present time, you are evidently not capable of behaving in a mature manner


I understand where hes coming from, hes upset over everything that hipixels has done, and now hes upset because this thread was turned against him. Wasnt he already banned and unbanned for this? isnt the matter over? or am I missing something?


New information (this post) as well as new events occurred on the server to cause this ban.

Additional action may be taken pending investigation


I honestly haven’t interacted with Hipixels much to tell, same goes to SCP, but, what is the problem with maintaining sanity and following common sense? This thread looks more like the result of an immature kid fight than an actual report. The video shows enough, not just Hipixels and SCP have acted like immature children but everyone else on that conversation collaborated to make the situation come to this point. Again, what is the fucking problem of following reason?

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