This guy tp’ed to me and killed me with a death potion. He then went on to kill ImAMemer. You can only make death potions through either commands or hacking.

Rules Broken by him in this incident:
1: Hacking
2: Killing without permission TWICE (whether it’s a survival-based rule or not).

Both rules broken are bannable offenses.

Ban Appeal: Minater247



Are you sure it wasn’t a posion or damage potion? It’s unlikely this person has hacks that can spawn in command based items.


He said he found it on the ground, and i didn’t see anything in his inventory after the incident.

also octo, yes it’s a wierdo potion. I have a copy of it if you want to see.


Was given a copy by a homie that I wont snitch on, deleted it because vexnorx told me to


@P4R31D0L14 It’s fine, but be aware that in worse situations you could see yourself taking the bullet.

Also, it was said that a guest gave him the potion. Many newcomers have actually been hackers lately, so be aware.


For the last time STOP TELLING PEOPLE HE KILLED ME. I killed myself with that potion.
You don’t need commands or “hacking” you can use an inventory mod.
I’m not sure who said only commands or ‘hacking’ (Scripting) could create those potions but they were wrong.

This guy didn’t really do anything worth banning it is most likely he just found the potion.

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