Grief at Zydville

Hello, my IGN name is Zydiax and I would like to report a griefing that has occurred recently. My small island town of Zydville was griefed by the user SMB123. The grief was pretty extensive, with it going from me and David2020’s bridge to my WIP tower. SMB had also griefed my airport, completely ruining my Redstone located there. Vex has already fixed most of the large damage, but some, like the Redstone I will have to replace by hand.

Damage List:
LAX sign on me and David’s bridge
Apple logo placed on various parts of the town
Apple store in my tower’s parking garage
Large apple “flags” placed on my tower
Small building had one side completely destroyed
Bridge was cut into
High Voltage tower was cut into

SMB123 has been banned. I’d also like to add that he and another player also griefed a Wells Fargo building in Los Angeles, a project by Vex and Fili. Thank you for providing more evidence towards the ban in case they appeal.