So theres a person named Crypticbennyy. He is a donator on PCB.

Ever since he joined, back in June, 2020 (this summer), he has had a good history of repeatedly breaking guidelines. He has been active on PCB from the start, and I have simply lost track of staff members log-blocking his name on random stuff that he’s placed without permission, repeatedly breaking sidewalk and slot guidelines, and more recently, he has been lying about certain violations in-game. This is why he is now banned from Dixieville, and I have done /ignore on him.

List of incidents, starting in July:

July: going beyond his building guidelines, started breaking ground for a roundabout with Nixtheprotigen in my city without permission. Proof of it still exists, despite having partial coverage over the area. He was warned by Will (whbilbo).

August: Placed a great deal of blocks in random parts of Dixieville without permission. Random, incomplete stair build in a Union Station slot was log-blocked by vex or gordo.
Shortly after, I had Omganator logblock dead brain coral blocks that were placed sporadically on sidewalks across Dixieville (it was Benny who did it). Unfortunately, I removed each thing I had logblocks reading his name on.
There are even more examples of Benny placing stuff without permission, with staff log-blocking it as him being the culprit, and Benny still denies any wrongdoing. This happened in August. I warned him twice via mail, with another logblock from Filipingus.

Benny broke sidewalk beyond his guideline zone just to expand another building, without my permission. I needed staff to w/e his building front back into a compatible position. I warned him a 3rd time.
Benny continued to break more slot-drawn guidelines, and made multiple examples of going beyond the building guidelines, having broken the wool (used by me for each building zone) in the process.
Benny built another boat outside of the guideline zone without his permission.
After being warned for the 4th time, I asked him to watched him step on the pressure plate to extract the Dixieville rulebook. As soon as the book went in his inventory, he said “I’m done… I’ve read the rules”
^Good point of blatant lying.

He has also allegedly done stuff in Tyler’s city without permission, but that part remains unclear.
What does remain clear is that he has repeatedly broken guidelines, and I have messaged him so many times. I have convinced moderators like Omganator to not ban him, looking to give him another chance (in August). It has just reached a point where he has broken building guidelines and done stuff without permission too many times. I’ve had enough,

Bottom Line: I’m hoping this is enough. He has broken guideline, after guideline, after guideline. He’s also had multiple warnings from Tomi, Will, and Omganator.

Bane, I have warned him for a final time. If he continues to build without permission, I think this would constitute a ban. Also, please do not complain to me that he built something after you “fixed” it. When you reduced his driveway, you were allowing him to have it that way. Otherwise, you would have removed it completely. He really cannot be to blame when you do something like that. If he builds without permission again, do not interfere with it. Let us know so that we may take the appropriate actions.