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So I log back on, and go to my (formerly) amazing airport and…
I see a (what looks like) a failed rollback and the floor is dirt. Trees are inside my airport, and half the windows are missing. I really don’t know what happened, but LB did find:

And me, of course.

Tasta helped build the floor
Octo did a WE (although LB says destroying quartz idk why)
Ouhai changed the biome pre-build
And I built the walls and the glowstone in floor.

Coords: 1712.013, 70, -1594.924


oh thats sad :frowning:


Galv, is my name on any of the airport, if not, then this must have been a rollback, although you said it was a failed rollback. Also, how come there was a rollback? Was there a grief? Although the rollback occurred at the airport, Galv, you can plan a different, more detailed, terminal, because I didn’t like the original design, as it wasn’t that detailed.


fixed it


Thank you Mighty Ruby!

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