However, even not swearing DIRECTLY, we do not condone spamming of profane content in chat, or profanity itself. Excessive profanity is also against the rules, as it can leave some uncomfortable, or just frankly, annoy everyone with the immaturity. If Bryce is guilty of such, just reban.


We still do not know what the actual issue is. We don’t know the story, if was inappropriate or not, and to what extent. Every story has two sides, and I am only hearing one. By all means, if Bryce broke rules, then a ban is necessary; however, if he was simply being annoying by telling a story, the issue here is more of a tattle-tale, which I have very little regard for.

With regards to swearing, It has been made clear on many posts that it is the internet, so suck it up. Turn on swear block. This is not coming from me, because I had brought it up in another post, and I was told nearly the same thing. I have two young kids on the server, and if I don’t like it, add swear-block, mute, or don’t come on. That was the message from many SOP’s and admins at the time.

If Bryce is banned without proof, our consistency and integrity goes out the window. If we are banning for being annoying… whose threshold of annoyingness and vulgarity do we abide by.


I totally agree. One question: How long was the story? He could have been spamming then.



The only other reason Isee for banning anyone is call Ruby a girl. That calls for the ban hammer. :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm still alive, I promise
I'm still alive, I promise

So we have no evidence therefore the case has to collapse right? Unless something comes up i suggest we just leave this.


While I agree that profanity alone will not warrant a ban, I still go back to what I have said about excessive profanity. There is no need for it, and quite frankly, /swearblock or not, it is very unpleasant, and would be very discouraging for any guests to come on and stay if we have members acting in such foolish ways. We have rules that say not excessive profanity, so it is a reasonable ban if it gets out of hand after being asked to stop, which, according to Potato, Bryce was asked to stop multiple times. If he had continued, and his story was indeed profane excessively, then I believe a ban is more than reasonable.


Ok, I understand what I did was wrong, but 2 things. 1, all I did was recite Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life in the chat, and with no direct swearing against anyone. That person could’ve just blocked me in chat. Besides, I’ve seen people do much worse and not get banned. 2, I have recited it before, and no one said or did anything, making me think I was not causing a problem. That’s all I have to say, bye.


I just looked up what you are talking about, and it is rather gross. Yes, other people say worse things in chat without banning, but if something is that odd, especially in a sexual nature - and people ask you to stop - just be more respectful of other people and stop. If you don’t stop, people will see it as harassment, and a ban will ensue.

For other people - here is the link to urban dictionary “Shrek is Love”


Well that was an interesting story…

I’m going to play devil’s advocate but as far as I’m concerned, he didn’t brake any rules. He didn’t insult anyone directly and staff did not tell him to stop since the server was staff-less at the time (From what I gather). And calling his story “spam” is a bit of a weak argument in my opinion.

So no, you won’t get banned.

HOWEVER, considering that some of our members are quite young and that this story is slightly disturbing (for people of any age), you have crossed a line here.

The unofficial rule of the server is that it is “PG-13”. Swearing is allowed (moderately), but explicit sexual stories are not.

But since this in all “unofficial”, I decided to let you go this once.

Measures will be taken to make the rules more explicit in the future.


Sounds good.

In short, don’t be an arse.

Resolved, locked.



PG 13 is a rule.


Where can we find this page? Can’t we add this to the tab?


It’s an ‘official’ forum rule, but a ‘non-official’ game rule.


Its on the bottom of every page

Pretty sure that it is for everywhere


So does that make this a banable offence?


Found it! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I still think it would be better to have a link in the tab. In SERVER INFO.
If I had problems finding it, I’m sure other people did too.

Lets leave it this one time


This is what i meant by ‘non-official’. We don’t enforce it, unless in exceptional circumstances.

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