An Act of Racism I Will Not Stand For


Hello Members and Staff, I direct this message to the staff with indignation.

49 days ago. I was on PCB minding my own business building along my happy way for a friend. In the chat I typed a message in morse code for a reason I cannot remember. And an Operator by the name of Jmvvana (Aka Joe) made the unwise decision to call me a quote "nig" which I have been called several times in my life as a short term for "Nigger" not "Nigga" either way it is unacceptable no matter the context. It is truly saddening that a member of PCB that has taken the position of authority to be an example to the community has failed to do so at his choice. Additionally he has broken a rule he swore to obey and enforce. The rule broken is PCBs 2nd rule found here . He has abused his power as he hopes I would not report a staff member from my current rank standing. I will not stand by as I have already let this matter gone unnoticed for far too long. The question I know will arise as to why I have waited so long to report this matter. The answer is simple, I have been afraid of bringing negative attention to my name and reputation. Now is when I say no more. I do not care if this member of staff was Drunk/High/UnderInfluence of any kind. I do not deserve this, I have done nothing purposefully to harm or irritate anyone on this server. His actions that he made on February 22nd, 2018 are intolerable. Please take care of this. 

-A_Good_Shrimp - Arthur J Thompson



We are currently investigating this. Thank you for reporting it.